Thermal baths Merano

The thermal baths were inaugurated in December of 2005. Renowned interior designer / architect Matteo Thun has succeeded in achieving a symbiosis of traditional and authentic South Tyrol and modern Mediterranean influences. His architecture embodies large amounts of glass, thus providing visitors with an unobstructed view of the surrounding mountains and initiating a dialog with the landscape, the water, and the materials of stone and wood.

You'll find the thermal baths right on the banks of the Passer River, across from the city square and the resort center. The Spa & Vital Center has an architecture characterized by clean lines and the use of valuable natural stone and woods as well as the preferential use of regional materials – evidence of a concern for the environment and a respect for nature.

The thermal baths feature one of the most-spacious private parks in Europe. With an area of 51,000 square meters, it is dotted with interesting species of trees and beds of flowers.

The park (already in existence for more than 40 years) has been redesigned by garden landscape architects. The gardeners of the „Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle“ are in charge of planting, which reflects the unique climatic conditions prevailing in Meran / Merano.

The mild climate makes it possible to plant forms of vegetation that are ordinarily found only in warmer climate zones – e.g., Evergreen Oaks, Chinese Windmill Palms, Yellow Poplars, Japanese Pagoda Trees, Pomegranates, and Lake Garda Cypresses. In total, 5,900 shrubs, 300 different species of trees, 478 different varieties of roses, and 500 different kinds of Water Lilies were established here.

The park is open to visitors from May 15 until September 15.

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